What Our Prebid Adapter Means

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Last week, we expanded our capabilities by launching a Prebid.js adapter. I had Dan write up a little bit about how to get it working, and what exactly Prebid.js and header bidding is. Today, I figure I would continue that trend and talk about when you might use our adapter.

First, though, I want to talk a bit about what our adapter means. Not technically, but on a broader scale. It’s part of our commitment to making our product better for our clients. We have multiple projects on the go that are meant to address feature requests and shortcomings that we’ve been alerted to by our customers. We listen. We really do. I’ve personally never been part of a team so responsive to change and we always want to hear what you’re looking for. So go ahead, leave a comment or email us at general@sparklit.com Now, back to the adapter.

The use case for our adapter falls into two scenarios: If you’re a publisher who already uses Predbid.js, or if you’re an advertiser that is working with a publisher who uses Prebid.js.

If You’re A Publisher….

If you’re currently working with both direct sales and programmatic, you probably already understand the situation. You’ve sold an ad spot, but you might be able to get a better CPM for it. AdButler + Prebid.js allows your sold spot to compete with your programmatic inventory, so in the off chance someone else is willing to pay more, they get it.

Or if you know your house ads are worth a certain amount, you can put them into your Prebid.js setup as a backup, in order to avoid wasted space.

For The Advertisers

For advertisers, it’s a bit different of a situation. You might have a big sale lined up, but your publisher only works with header bidding for the added speed and transparency. Since AdButler now has Prebid.js integration, you’re able to slide right into their bidding process without having to worry about asking them to change their setup or modify anything. Plus, with AdButler’s better than average speed, you won’t have to worry about timing out against any of your publisher’s other bids.

Liam Workman

Liam is an account manager and blog king at SparkLit, the SaaS company behind AdButler and FourEyes. He loves rock climbing, hiking, coding, and being your friend.