Native advertising for wordpress

Native Advertising for WordPress

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We’ve made some great improvements to our WordPress plugin that will allow you take advantage of in-feed advertising with custom CSS styling. Read about how you can start serving your own native advertising to your blog using AdButler.

What is native advertising?

Native advertising is a form of online advertising where you apply the same design to your advertising as you do to your main content.  The concept is that you are integrating your advertising to be seamless in design with the rest of your site. The prevalence of traditional online advertising over time has led to content consumers ignoring ad styles or formats that are easily identified as not belonging to the main content.

Make sure your ads get noticed

By combining two key strategies that work together to create a great user experience, there is an opportunity to lift the quality of your site as well as increase user engagement with your ads. Having advertisements that are integrated with the form and function of your main content, your users are less likely to ignore your advertisements.  Coupling this with thoughtfully curated ads that are complementary or relevant to the main content will increase the chances that your users will find them compelling and useful.

Updates to Our WordPress Plugin

We’ve added a new feature to our AdButler WordPress plugin to help you increase your ad revenue. The Interval Ads feature lets you automatically insert an ad after a specified amount of posts in your feed, making them appear less like an ad and more like one of your posts. What this means is that you can easily install the AdButler WordPress Plugin, enter some basic configuration information, set up interval ads on your post list pages, and benefit from the increase in advertising revenue. We think you’ll find the AdButler Interval Ads feature one that increases the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

You can still use the AdButler WordPress plugin to serve traditional ads, but these new features that come with Interval Ads will help you integrate a native advertising approach as well.  For the web developer (or those so inclined to experiment), there’s the ability to apply one or more CSS styles to the ad container, allowing you to apply site-wide styles to specific elements in the ad. By applying specific styles to the ad contents you can make your advertisements match the style of your website, effectively implementing native advertising which should increase their effectiveness. 

We hope that the updated AdButler WordPress plugin helps make your website more successful, with a lot less work! Check out our WordPress plugin page to learn more about how it works.