How we are making Header Bidding more Transparent at AdButler!

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If you’re currently reading this article, you are probably already using Header Bidding to monetize your publisher website or mobile app.
If, on the other hand, you are part of the handful of publishers who are still reluctant to start monetizing through header bidding, you should seriously think about adopting the technology to monetize your website.

More than 75% of publishers are currently using Header bidding to monetize their website, and for clear reasons (If you are still unsure about the benefits of Header bidding go ahead and read our last two articles about the topic here and here).

Making sense of Header Bidding Data

For all its advantages, Header Bidding still has some shortcomings, the biggest of them being that bidder management is usually entirely handled by the technology owner. This level of abstraction causes many publishers to have little awareness or understanding of how the auction process works.

Consequently, publishers have traded control over their bidding process and the transparency of their sales for the efficiency, the speed and the increase in revenue that Header Bidding solutions offer them.

For the most part, the trade-off has been very favorable for publishers and analyzing the results of the auctions is still possible. That being said, the complexity of the analysis has usually discouraged publishers, who don’t have a strong technical background from attempting to track their auctions manually. Some of them have even found themselves obliged to use third-party platforms in addition to their Header bidding solutions to gain insight into how their auctions are performing.   
Furthermore, the noise caused by the vast amount of data points that come from the numerous parties bidding on all available impressions makes it harder for these publishers to make sense of their data.

That is why, at AdButler, we make the Header Bidding process as transparent as possible through our Advanced Header Bidding Analytics dashboard.  

The Advanced Header Bidding Analytics dashboard allows all publishers using AdButler to see who is bidding on their impressions, what bidders are winning in auctions, and how much revenue they generated from each bidder.

The dashboard also allows publishers to see how many impressions were sold to each Bidder, what their CPMs are per bidder and what ad formats are generating the most revenue!

AdButler’s Header Bidding dashboard was designed to help publishers make sense of the deluge of data that relates to their Header Bidding auctions. A better comprehension of that data facilitates their decision-making process and improve their RPMs by making it easy for them to choose which bidder to include and which ones to exclude from their auctions.

We hope that the increase in transparency that the Header Bidding Analytics dashboard offers reassures publishers them and allows them to regain control over their bidding process.

The ramifications of adding a new bidder to a header bidding wrapper

In case that you have already tried adding a new bidder to your Header Bidding wrapper, you know how complicated and code-heavy the whole process is!   

Assuming that you are not comfortable wasting yours or your developers’ time on learning the documentation for your header bidding wrappers and then modifying your website to implement the necessary code, adding new bidders is never fun.

That is why at AdButler we added a new feature to our Header Bidding solutions that allows publishers to easily add bidder to their wrappers, without modifying its code or altering their website.

The functionality helps the publishers using AdButler to save much time and averts the need for a developer to add a new bidder. It also makes switching out bidder much faster so that publishers can limit optimize their impressions yield and increase their RPMs faster by excluding bidders who are not generating much money or altering their bidder targeting strategy.

Absolute control over your Header Bidding

At AdButler, we strive to give Publishers absolute control over the sales of their impressions. That is why in addition to making Header Bidding auctions simpler to make sense of and the management of bidders easier, we also offer publishers many features that give them full command over their header bidding auctions.

Some of the most useful Header Bidding that AdButler offers its users allow publishers to limit bidders’ auctions based on specific criteria: such as geolocation, Keywords, URLs or devices.

Using our Bidder Targeting features, publishers can then choose bidder which bidder they want to include for individual pages on their websites, specific devices or even precise geographies.


We’re always trying to improve AdButler and make it better for our users. So, if you have any recommendation, do not hesitate to send them directly to our sales team so that we can take them into account.

Robert Janes