Discover AdButler’s new S2S bidding features!

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Last year has been a great year here at AdButler, and it is almost coming to an end!

Throughout 2018, we have grown to serve hundreds of new publishers of all sizes. We have also released a lot of new features that are aimed at improving the quality of our services and helping publishers improve their Ad sales and increase their ad yield.

For 2019, we are preparing a lot of new tools and significant additions to the AdButler universe that will propel your ad operation into new heights (more about that early next year).

So, at the request of many of our customers, we decided to add new Server-to-server (S2S) Bidding features to AdButler!

Why should I be excited about AdButler’s new S2S Bidding features?

Server to Server (S2S) Bidding or server-side bidding is a type of Header bidding that takes all of the logic required for bid management and executes it on the server-side.

The fact that most of the workload is done of the publisher’s ad servers (as opposed to happening on the user’s browser) optimizes the loading speed of their websites and improves their user experience; publishers who switched to server-to-server-side bidding saw a 40% increase in page speeds on average.

The nature of S2S bidding also allows publishers to include substantially more partners in their auctions; unlike in client-side header bidding where browsers limit the number of requests that a partner can send (6 requests per partner) as well as the number of partners that a publisher can add to their wrapper (a maximum of 10 partners).

So, if you are looking to optimize your website’s loading speeds or increase the size of your auction, S2S bidding might be the right option for you!

We wrote a long article comparing server-side bidding to client-side bidding that you can read by clicking on the following link:

3 minutes to understand the difference between Client-side and Server-side Header-bidding!

What are AdButler’s new S2S features?

Easily add S2S bidding to your website:

If you’re an Adbutler customer, adding S2S bidding to your website is now fast and straightforward.
We made the process of integrating S2S bidding on your website similar to adding any other zone on AdButler (Text, Banner, Vast or Email).
Just go to the left menu under your “Publishers” tab and create a new S2S Bidding Zone.

You’ll then be asked to choose the ad network that you want to integrate, so make sure that you have an account with the ad network that you’re interested in integrating.

You can integrate hundreds of ad networks:   

Through our new S2S bidding feature you can integrate your publisher website direct to many of the large Ad networks (including Smaato, Appnexus, InMobi, etc.).

AdButler is also OpenRTB compliant. We also made sure to integrate with OpenRTB to allow publishers who are using our platform to connect to almost all RTB-capable ad networks quickly and without any additional development.

Get more in-depth insights into your server-side auctions:

At AdButler we understand the importance of clean and easy to understand data in decision making. That is why we created an advanced analytics page that displays all information related to your S2S auctions in a clear and comprehensible manner.

Our new S2S analytics page provides you with similar information to our Header Bidding Analytics dashboard and allows you to know:

  • Who is bidding on your impressions
  • What bidders are winning in your auctions
  • How much revenue you generated from each bidder.
  • How many impressions were sold to each bidder.
  • The CPM of each bidder.
  • Etc.

Export your S2S Bidding data through our API:

In addition to the new S2S analytics dashboard, we also created an API endpoint that allows you to access your server-side bidding data and export it easily.
That way you can create custom reports or add your data to your favorite data visualization tool/Business Intelligence tools with little development cost.

Zero impact on your current campaigns: 

Finally, one of the strengths of our new S2S bidding feature is that you can quickly start monetizing your website through server-side bidding without having to change anything to your current programmatic or direct sales campaigns.

We hope that that will help publishers to diversify their ad revenue streams and give them new options to monetize their impressions.

Robert Janes